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Dream Wedding On The Beach

Close your eyes. Imagine a gorgeous orange sunset, disappearing under the folds of the blue sea.

Imagine the warm brown sand crunching underneath your toes.

Imagine you and your significant other holding hands, proclaiming your eternal love for each other.

With Island Dream Weddings, you can turn your perfect dream beach wedding into reality.


Our Background

We possess over 23 years of experience assisting happy couples to plan the perfect event that starts their forever journey together. From Jamaica to Turks and Caicos, to Aruba, our events feature a picturesque backdrop combined with the ideal wine, excellent decor, and sophisticated seating for an event that will be unforgettable for each and everyone present.


Our Services

Our wide range of services ensures that the tiniest details in your dream wedding on the beach are taken care of. We offer:

  • A top of the line digital photography service

  • Round trip transportation to and from the venue

  • Covered chairs for the couple and guests

  • A decadent wine and bottle service

  • Beautiful Island music

  • Delicious cake in the flavor of your choosing, among other services.


We not only handle the fun part expertly but also take care of the legal proceedings of the wedding for you so you can enjoy your event in peace. We assist in processing legal documents, obtaining marriage certificate copies, and finding you a licensed wedding official to carry out the ceremony.

Our job as your dream wedding planner is to ensure there are no hiccups on the day of the wedding. That’s why a personal wedding consultant and onsite coordinator will be present with you throughout the day for a smooth, hassle-free wedding.


Our Packages

Our dream wedding packages start from $1175, with prices varying depending upon the location, number of individuals, and services entailed in each. If you want to arrange your dream beach wedding in Jamaica or Turks and Caicos, you can opt for our Dream Getaway, Island Dream, or Tropical Dream Packages.

The Dream Getaway Package is ideal for parties up to 4 people and includes an onsite wedding coordinator, a wedding officiant, island music, round trip transportation, an amazing cake, and a bottle of high-quality champagne. This package is typically near the $1500 and above range.

The Island Dream Package is the ultimate arrangement for parties of up to 10 people. It includes everything in the Dream Getaway Package, plus an Hour of Professional Digital photography, a conch shell aisle on the beach, a tropical Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere, round trip transportation, and Island music to groove up the event. This package may be in the $2000 plus range.

The Tropical Dream Package features all the perks from the Dream Getaway package topped with an hour-long professional photography service, a fresh flower arch, and covered chairs for parties up to 20 people. This package ranges from roughly $3050 up.

If you want a beautiful, intimate wedding where you can get all the essential services without worrying about the arrangements, we are the best fit for you. Just leave it to us, and focus on you and your significant other.

Click the link to know more about our dream wedding locations right on the beach and explore our dream wedding packages

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