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Getting Married In Roatan Honduras

When planning a wedding in an island resort, the process is as exciting as the event itself. A wedding on an exclusive island tucked away in the Caribbean 65km off the coast of Honduras sounds heavenly and fantastical. You can have this kind of wedding in Roatan, an exotic island with more extravagances than you would expect. 

Weddings in Roatan are arguably the best in all of Honduras. The island offers the scenery, the people, and the amenities to make your special day memorable.

As you fly into Roatan, you are welcomed by the jungle-covered hills of an expansive island that is 77km long and 8 km at its widest point. It is surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean, with white sandy beaches lining its edges. Within the island, nature thrives, and its rich fauna and flora complete the tropical island aesthetic. It is mostly sunny throughout the year, with infrequent torrents that help maintain its rich greenery.


Roatan Island Wedding

Roatan is perfect for a destination wedding as it can also double up as the honeymoon location. There are wedding packages offered by local planners and event companies that cover all essentials. These come as customized packages tailored around the kind of wedding you want, preferred accommodations, and the length of your stay. The most developed island parts, West End and West Bay, are ideal for exclusive garden weddings. French Harbour and Coxen Hole are livelier, as they have most of the amenities. They are more suitable for church weddings or weddings with large attendances.


Where to stay

West Bay in Roatan is the popular choice for many visitors due to its beach community. It is fun and lively and perfect for newlyweds to mark the first days of their union. West End is a similarly funky village with a beach that doesn't quite match West Bay's. Regardless, it has some gorgeous reefs and will appeal to divers. French Harbor has all the conveniences of modern living, including the only mall on the island. 

As far as accommodation options go, you have luxurious options such as the Ibagari and the Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort. Blue Bahia, Reef House, and the Meridian are some of the more affordable options that can allow you to extend your stay without stretching your budget. Selecting Roatan dream weddings packages opens up opportunities for discounts and lengthier stays. 

The island has enough activities to keep you preoccupied throughout your stay. Explore the natural spaces in Little French Key, the botanical gardens and trails of Carambola, and Manawakie Park's animals. Enjoy your afternoons by the beach, listening to waves, or participating in the many water activities available. End your day in one of the fine restaurants by the beach or further inland. Authentic Caribbean cuisine is found in all parts of the West. Their liberal alcohol culture will add fun times to your stay. If you're looking for an adventure, head East and wander off the beaten path to explore the natural, unadulterated beauty of the island.

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