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Grand Turk Wedding Packages

Ever dream of a destination wedding on an exclusive tropical island in the Atlantic? The Turks and Caicos Islands are a territory renowned for their immense beauty. Grand Turk, the largest of the Turks islands, is a compact 6.9 square mile piece of heaven with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It is the kind of setting that is ideal for a Turks and Caicos destination wedding. Recently, more people are choosing Caribbean Islands for their weddings, including celebrities.


Wedding Planning

The large selection of Grand Turk resorts means finding one to host your event is easy. Unless you are deeply familiar with the island, remotely planning a wedding is a tremendous task. The reasonable option is to hire a local wedding planner. An insider with knowledge of the best venues, caterers, bands, and planning companies will help you bring your event to life more successfully. They assist with bookings, import exotic food customs, and prepare your accommodation when you arrive. These personalized services come at a premium, making them the second choice after wedding packages. 

Packages for dream weddings in Turks and Caicos take away the headaches of remote wedding planning. They reduce the activity to a few personalized selections as the wedding planning company takes care of everything. The packages are designed to meet your desires at every luxury level. They pay attention to entourage sizes and transportation arrangements. Your budget ultimately decides what options will be open to you. Regardless of the package, these are the services provided for Turks and Caicos dream weddings:


Venue Selection and Preparation

Decide on which venue you want your destination wedding to happen. The wedding planning company will take care of the flowers and décor and overall venue preparation. They will also enlist a local Justice to perform the wedding as required by law. They will inform you of the documents you need to carry. 


Wedding cakes and catering services

The package addresses all your culinary needs. You can choose between restaurant dining or outside catering if you are at an off-resort location. You will get insights on the different local flavors and cuisines from a local catering expert to help you customize your menu. Unsurprisingly, most foods revolve around seafood. However, any exotic ingredients and foods can be imported upon request. 


Wedding Photographer 

A photographer is crucial to immortalize your special day. The package includes photographers to capture every moment at the wedding. You can choose a photographer based on their portfolios, or you can opt to bring your own.



DJs and musicians with live bands are some of the entertainment options. Decide on the genres of music you want or choose individual songs you want to be played or sang at the event. 



The packages also address your accommodation needs throughout your stay. There are options for whatever price and length of visit, from boutique hotels and quaint villas to luxurious resorts. There are fewer options during high tourist seasons, underlining the need to make early bookings. 

Please reach out to Island Dream Weddings at 786-299-5269 to explore our dream wedding packages.

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