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Ocho Rios Jamaica Wedding

Jamaica is one of the most popular areas in the Caribbean for hosting weddings. It creates the perfect setting for your dream wedding. And one of the best places to host your dream wedding in Jamaica is Ocho Rios. The island of Ocho Rios doesn’t only provide a wide range of venues to accommodate any type of wedding; it allows your imagination to run wild, offering a place where reality and fantasy meet. Here are more reasons why you should have your dream tropical weddings in Ocho Rios. 


World-class all-inclusive resorts

If you wish to have your wedding in Jamaica at an all-inclusive resort, the only challenge you may have with opting for Ocho Rios Jamaica weddings is deciding which resort to choose. Ocho Rios doesn’t fall short in accommodating your dream wedding. Wedding resorts in Ocho Rios are some of the most well-known in Jamaica. All of these resorts specialize in luxury and rank high in romance, so you and your partner will be fully pampered for your entire stay.

Exciting activities, tours, and excursions

Care to dive or snorkel? For more relaxing activities, there are waterfall or sailing tours. On sea or land, Ocho Rios has something for everyone, including your guests. Exciting activities make spending quality time with your partner enjoyable. If you are considering Ocho Rios Jamaica wedding, you can take your guests to Dunn’s River Falls to see the beautiful waterfall. 


An exotic array of culture and food 

You can get a taste of everything in Ocho Rios and enjoy all kinds of settings. Whether Mediterranean, African, traditional Jamaican cuisine, or a combination of each cuisine, you have a lot of options to choose from. You also get to enjoy an exotic array of seafood by the beach or dress your best for fine dining.

At Ocho Rios, you and your guest will be treated to delightful cuisine for their entire stay. You will also get to experience Jamaican culture. This is the origin of Reggae, and there is a lot of music at festivals right on the beach.


Enjoy your honeymoon

You can easily extend your stay for a honeymoon right in Ocho Rios. Besides, most all-inclusive resorts already provide an option for this. Once your guests go back to their various destinations, you can spend time alone with your partner. Enjoy couple’s romantic dinners, couple’s excursions, walks on the beach, and spa treatments. Ocho Rios offers all of these and more.


Elegant weather year-round

You can always expect a warm sunny day in Ocho Rios with a tropical, hot, and humid climate. Irrespective of the time of the year you choose to have to your wedding, the temperature in Ocho Rios stays almost the same. However, to avoid the rainy season, you may want to plan your wedding in May, June, September, October, and November. 

Ocho Rios Jamaica wedding 

Irrespective of whether you go with only specific weddings services or opt for an all-inclusive wedding, entrust your dream wedding packages in Ocho Rios to Island Dream Weddings. Explore our Ocho Rios wedding packages.

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