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Ocho Rios Wedding

If you are engaged and considering having a destination wedding in Jamaica, chances are Ocho Rios is on your list. After all, it will be hard for anyone to say no to a place full of unforgettable sunsets and picture-perfect beaches. Arriving at Ocho Rios, you will understand why so many tourists come here. The town is known for its stunning waterfalls, with Dunn’s Falls being one of the most photographed landmarks in Jamaica.

However, the problem is it’s not an easy feat to plan a wedding on an island several miles away. In this article, we’ll look at the things you need to know about planning an Ocho Rios wedding. 


Save the dates

At Island Dream Weddings, we often recommend that couples should send "save the dates" to their potential guests ten to 12 months in advance. One of the major reasons for this is because not everyone is prepared for an international trip. Some of your wedding guests may also need time to plan for things such as applying or renewing their passports. Some people will also need to ask for vacation time at work. You want to give your guests enough notice so as to allow them to get a head start on their travel plans. This will also help you get a solid headcount on which to base your wedding planning on. 

Consider what you want in your dream wedding and choose venues accordingly. One of the best things about planning a destination wedding in Ocho Rios is there is no shortage of resorts, banquets, and tropical wedding venues. So, the choices of wedding venues can be overwhelming. You may start by asking yourself some vital questions about the experience you and your partner want to have. You may want to consider an all-inclusive resort because they cover a lot of things, including meals.


Treat your guest to an experience

Guests who are traveling from several miles away will also appreciate getting the chance to spend time with you, especially if it has little to do with your wedding. Ocho Rios has a lot of activities you and your guest can partake in. For instance, you can plan excursions such as a rum tour, catamaran cruise, or even a spa day for the wedding party to unwind.

You can also make it better by making your guests feel appreciated and loved upon arrival. For instance, you may have a bag for each of your guests filled with items such as a cool beach towel, some Jamaican soda, or candy. You can make this a part of creating a memorable experience.


Work with local vendors 

We’d encourage you hire a local wedding planner in Ocho Rios, especially if you are planning an off-site wedding. Don’t be scared to make connections with local vendors in Ocho Rios to do something special. This is especially true if the couples are millennials who want an amazing experience.

With Island Dream Weddings, you can make your wedding day special. We are more than happy to help you have a one-of-a-kind experience. For more information about Ocho Rios Wedding, contact us today.

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