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Wedding Packages In Jamaica Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, Jamaica weddings can become your dreamed event. This is a very sought-after destination for tourists from all over the world and those who want to tie the know with the love of their life.

Beautiful scenery, incredible beach locations, and a natural environment are just some of the things that can create your dream tropical weddings in Ocho Rios. Jamaica is known as one of the friendliest places on Earth, making it the perfect backdrop for this important moment in your life.

Jamaica is known for having the greatest golden-sand beaches and a free-spirited atmosphere, which is one of the main reasons people decide to come to this destination to say their "I do's."

As a matter of fact, getting married in Jamaica is not a complicated process at all. The legal requirements are to be in the country for over 24 hours. Then, a clergyman or marriage officer will serve as the officiant. You will need your passport, birth certificate, and two non-familial witnesses.


Dream wedding packages in Ocho Rios

If you are looking into traveling to Jamaica to get married, you should learn about some of the best packages in Ocho Rios and what wedding resorts in Ocho Rios you can stay in.


Dream Getaway

This option is for up to four people, perfect for an intimate and romantic ceremony where everyone that matters can be present. The package includes a personal wedding consultant, an on-site coordinator, a wedding officiant, and an incredible location at the beach or waterfall. 

At Island Dream Weddings, we can help with the processing of legal documents and transportation. We will include a single-tier cake and a bottle of the finest champagne for a total of $1500.


Island Dream Package

Celebrate your wedding with your soulmate with the Island Dream Package, where you can have up to 10 guests. A personal wedding consultant and an on-site coordinator will help you organize everything to your needs, plus we will help you with legal documents, add a tulle-wrapped arch, a single-tier cake, a bottle of sparkling wine, and an hour of a professional digital photo session.

You can have your wedding at the beach or a waterfall, everything with decorated chairs for the couple and guests and entertaining island music for a total of $2000.


Tropical Dream

For those who would like a larger event, Tropical Dream may be just right. Besides all of the Dream Getaway package benefits, you will have an additional on-site coordinator making everything perfect and ensuring the day goes as planned. Plus, you will have a one-hour professional digital photography service, wedding cake, 2 tier Jamaican Rhum, a traditional tropical fresh flower arch, and beautifully decorated covered chairs.

If you would like to have additional guests, it is possible for an additional $43 per person. The total package costs $3050 or above with options.

For more information about making your wedding dream come true, explore our wedding packages

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